Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Lots of stuff happening around here. I am still working my way through the pile of tube testers that I picked up a few weeks ago. They are selling pretty good on ebay for at least $20 each. I have been finding more fishing gear at a decent price to resell and the scrapping is coming along slowly until I can get my hands on a trailer. Without that the storage is just horrible. I will be able to handle loads of steel when I get it.

The picture is one of the tube testers that will go to auction this evening. It is one of the least operable of the batch. I also have a heathkit tube tester in a wood box that will be listed tonight.

Today marks exactly one year that I have lived here in Florida. On April 1st of last year I hopped in my truck with Wilma the dachsund and made my 3rd drive down here arriving on the 3rd. It was a LOT of work sorting through all of our stuff in order to move and to get it down here, but it was surely worth the effort. I would not trade the weather for anything and I know that I am better off without all of that "stuff".

Sunny days to all!

P.S. The oxy acetylene gauge set that I got for ten dollars went for $62 on e-bay. Pretty nice.


  1. any old ham radio transceivers from world war 2 ? i love old radios

  2. That is cool!

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